Silence Trial

Beginning Thursday, March 24 I will be going on a Trial of Silence for 5 days.  During this period I will attend and perform to my regular duties, but I will not participate in any spoken communication. I will be able to write down information as seldom needed on 'trial cards' which act as a form of information, identification, and documentation. I will also update this site everyday of the trial. The trial ends Tuesday March 29.


i.m. kalimah said...

Day 1: Silence as choice.

The term silence refers to various phenomena, ranging from the absence of any noise to brief almost inaudible silences.-Maria Sifianou

When someone asks a question or lends a gesture, it is common courtesy to respond. When great or horrific knowledge is obtained, it is urged to be shared with others. But by restricting one's conversation whether it is of serious recourse or idle jest, one's innate choice is marked with gains and loses.

This trial is not a comparison of the wins and losses nor is it about the number of trial cards given or received. It is an open investigation, questioning and informing human interaction. It is of choice and should not be inherently challenged for such reasons.

i.m. kalimah said...

Day 2: Silence as signs/symbols

Signs and symbols may be described as the jump start of communication.

Acting as natural indicators of other things foreseeable present, signs can take the form of verbal, visual, or physical communication varying in meaning as much as in style. It may be for this reason, that silence can be so unnerving for some, especially if it is not typical or seemingly warranted. In a lack of vocal communication attention is requires from the other areas as cues of information.

Symbols are manufactured signs.* They are the products of representation, created to bring to mind something else. Symbols may be represented in the forms of text, pictures, sounds, or movements.

*C.S. Pierce

i.m. kalimah said...

Day 3: Silence as time

Time is a dimension of change.

The specious present is a finite interval of time embracing experiences of which the mind is conscious of happening now, and constitutes its boundary between the remembered past and anticipated future.
ed. Ted Honderich

Stay silent until the sound of nothing is as loud as your own voice. Record the distance.

i.m. kalimah said...

Day 4: Silence as Truth

The word truth has a variety of meanings. It can mean the state of being in accord with a particular fact or reality, or being in accord with the body of real things, real events or actualities. It can also mean having fidelity to an original or standard idea. Depending on who the person is and what circumstances he/she is under, truth can ultimately be subjective.

The performative theory of truth, attributed to P.F. Strawson, is a performed speech act signaling one’s agreement. This theory suggests that some statements are more actions than communicative statements.

i.m. kalimah said...

Day 5: Silence as solitude

Solitude is the necessary social, psychological, and intellectual state of the individual.

Practice silence. Then practice living.

ninjahdana said...

I really really dig this.